pmesh.lic module

pmesh.lic.lic(vectors, kernel, length, ds, resampler=None, texture=None, normalize=True)[source]

Line Intergral Convolution for visualizing vector fields.

The vectors must be normalized to norm of 1.0 for LIC to give a reasonable image.

The image looks bad if the vectors are noisy.

vectors : list of RealField

vx, vy, vz, … must be normalized.

kernel : function kernel(s)

the line integral kernel function. s is the line coordinate variable between -1 and 1.

length : float

the length of the line, in pixels.

ds : float

step size in the line integration. in pixels.

resampler: string, ResamplerWindow

the resampler window. See pmesh.window module for a full list. if None, use pm’s default sampler, pm.resampler, where pm is infered from the first vector.

texture : RealField, or None

the texture to use. If None, a default gaussian texture is used.

normalize : bool

True if normalize the vectors to 1.0

lic : RealField

the integration result.